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Enterprise Vision

Build a smart medical service platform

Relying on the existing grass-roots institutions and internet medical big data,

Strive to build "hospital, doctor, family, individual","People, life" as one of the smart medical ecological service platform.

Promoting Medical Alliance Hierarchical diagnosis and treatment policy

Taking advantage of the advantages of real-time sharing of data and information between the upper and lower Unicom, Building a medical union with dynamic data flow in the home of "doctor hospital" and "doctor patient", And hierarchical diagnosis and treatment service mode.

Practice medical innovation and development

With the support of Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Graduate School of Harbin Institute of Technology Academic and technical support from Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, Practice the new mode of medical innovation and development, and strive for more well-being for national health.

Solve the common people

It's hard to see a doctor. It's expensive Building "pre hospital, in hospital and post hospital" by building a comprehensive management platform for chronic diseases 

The service process of life cycle guides the sinking of high-quality medical resources,We will comprehensively solve the problem that it is difficult for ordinary people to see a doctor, but expensive to see a doctor.