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Beijing Bureau Inspects International Mail Operation And Epidemic Prevention And Control

Recently, the Deputy Director of the Beijing Post Administration led a team to the Air Mail Processing Center to investigate the operation of international import and export mail, focusing on the inspection of the disinfection and epidemic prevention of international incoming mail.

During the investigation, the Beijing Bureau inquired in detail about the current international flight operations, checked the handling of mail loading and unloading, sorting, and cooperating with the customs to check incoming mail. Emphasis was given to the implementation of the airmail center's adherence to body temperature measurement, on-site closed management, regular disinfection of the production site and centralized office space, and the implementation of anti-epidemic work such as sub-links and frequency-frequency key disinfection of incoming mail.

The Beijing Bureau emphasized that the current epidemic prevention and control situation is grim, and postal enterprises must strictly follow the requirements of the State Post Bureau's "Proposals on the Operational Standards of Post Express Production Operations during Epidemic Prevention and Control (Second Edition)" to improve the prevention and control standards and strengthen rigid constraints. Effectively deal with the elimination of the site and mail express mail, and strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic situation through the delivery channel. At the same time, according to the requirements of the municipal government, it should quickly organize and implement the nucleic acid detection of employees, and further
strengthen the prevention and control management of employees.

Post time: Jul-09-2020