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Smart ward series

  • Meridian analyzer

    Meridian analyzer

    Meridian Analyzer 1. Wide diagnosis range: realize detection and inspection of common diseases such as human internal organs, limbs and skeletons, five sense organs and seven orifices, fur and muscles. 2. System diagnosis: realize quick and painless detection of cerebrovascular system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, gastrointestinal system, urinary system, hepatobiliary system, respiratory system, exercise system, pediatrics and other systems. 3. Diagnosis by division: It can per...
  • Health all in one machine xz2010-106

    Health all in one machine xz2010-106

    The multi-parameter health checker consists of a main board, a display screen, an ECG lead wire, a blood pressure cuff (child, young adult, adult, enlarged adult), blood oxygen probe, multi-parameter module, urine routine module, power supply module, key board, It is composed of a chassis, in which the data transmission interface can be connected to functional devices such as blood glucose meters, clinical thermometers, height and weight scales, blood lipid analyzers, ID card readers, keyboards, and other devices.


  • Wall mounted general practice diagnostic instrument

    Wall mounted general practice diagnostic instrument

    Wall Mounted General Practice Diagnostic Instrument 1. Functional aspect, including nine basic examination items: non-invasive blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, fundus, ear canal examination, peripheral nerve test, vision examination, color blindness examination, etc. 2. Information management, equipped with a variety of network connection ports, real-time transmission of test results; ★ Automated operation, reducing the trouble of manual operation, r...
  • Wfk integrated diagnosis system of traditional Chinese Medicine

    Wfk integrated diagnosis system of traditional Chinese Medicine

    Cover five key groups of basic public health services: sub-healthy people, people with chronic diseases, the elderly, women, and children.

  • Intelligent health all in one machine

    Intelligent health all in one machine

    Height, weight, BMI, body temperature, vision, body composition, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood oxygen, ECG, blood sugar, blood lipids, uric acid, etc.;

    Integrated design, simple installation and maintenance;

    Full voice guidance, worry-free operation;

    High-definition camera, photo, support original video;

    The combination of Chinese and Western medicine includes both western medicine testing and traditional Chinese medicine physical identification.

  • Sugar gourd oximeter

    Sugar gourd oximeter

    Family and friends doctors obtain real-time data, control sugar and not be alone
    Statistical analysis of data, bid farewell to paper and pen records
    Diabetes auxiliary management, easy management of blood sugar
    Voice broadcast guidance, more than one companion